Autonomy Software Engineer

Barron Associates is at the forefront of applying artificial intelligence and machine learning to safety-critical real-world problems. Modern deep-learning methods are capable of remarkable performance, but in applications where safety is paramount and failure rates of 10-9 are expected, these systems still fall short. We are developing novel AI/ML methods for systems that demand extremely high reliability and accuracy, from autonomous air vehicles to personalized pharmaceutical dosing.

Barron fosters an engaging and collegial environment, with plenty of guidance, mentoring, and collaboration among peers. We expect top performance from our employees and believe this is best achieved with a healthy work-life balance and engaging research tasks. With diverse application areas in aerospace and biomedical research, we offer continual opportunities to learn and to expand your professional skills. We also empower all employees to identify important new research questions and to pursue their own unique research interests.

The ideal candidate will have experience in designing system and software architectures and a background that involves one or more of the following areas:

  • Numerical Methods
  • Computational Mathematics
  • Embedded Computing
  • High-Performance Computing
  • Software Library Design
  • Signal Processing and Computer Vision

Advanced knowledge of C++ is required. Familiarity with Python and/or Matlab/Simulink is highly desirable, and excellent communication skills are critical. Applicants should at a minimum hold a B.S. in Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics, or related field; an M.S. and/or 3-5 years of work experience is a plus.

Barron Associates is a highly dynamic environment, providing contract R&D services to a wide range of government and industry partners. Successful applicants will initially support ongoing development efforts related to:

  • Space-based sensing and data analysis
  • Autonomous collaboration and decision-making among unmanned systems
  • Modeling complex dynamic systems in the presence of uncertainty

Candidates must be capable of obtaining a U.S. Government security clearance.

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