quality assurance program

Barron Associates has been privileged to support the Navy with professional Engineering and Technical support services for over 30 years.  We have developed efficient engineering best practices for planning and execution, administrative procedures, and management quality assurance controls to deliver a consistently high level of innovative and cost-effective services from a lean, low-overhead infrastructure.  As a result, every engagement has been on time and within budget.  These best practices have been instilled in our team of engineering professionals as they have worked with Navy components ranging from shipboard and air operations, to land-based Navy research laboratories.  Barron Associates commits to supporting Seaport-e customers with the goal to deliver innovative engineering services in an efficient and integrated manner with cost savings across Navy operations.

Program Management and Quality Assurance   Barron Associates Program Management System (PMS) follows a Continuous Quality Process (CQP) to meet or exceed client requirements and expectations in the most efficient manner.  The process focuses on achieving the following:

  • Meeting or exceeding customer requirements and expectations
  • Delivering innovative technical solutions
  • Achieving performance metrics

There are three levels of oversight and responsibility:

  • Program/Project Director/Principal Investigator (PD)
  • Contract Administration Office
  • Senior Management

The PD is the single point of contact designated by Barron Associates for each Seaport-e task order and engagement, and is responsible for integrating Barron Associates resources for the on-time achievement of all technical objectives and deliverables as well as managing overall schedule, cost reduction, quality and performance metrics that are associated with the task order, project, or program.  The Contract Administration Office provides the Navy ordering centers with a single point of contact for any contractual or administrative matter involving one or more task orders.  It is authorized to negotiate the terms of all contracts and task orders and provides oversight over each contract and engagement with achievement metrics for deliverables, such as schedule, costs, quality, and performance.  The Senior Management team has overall responsibility for performance.  The management team conducts regular reviews to assure the customer requirements and expectations are being met, and the appropriate priorities, resources and skills are being applied.

Continuous Quality Process.  The Barron Associates CQP is a set of processes to achieve continuous improvement in the manner with which program requirements and customer expectations are being met. CQP is an approach to quality management that assumes everything can be improved. Customer requirements and expectations are defined in quantitative and qualitative terms from the Statement of Work and other goals. Key metrics are defined to measure overall achievement, performance, progress and impact on dependent tasks.  As the work proceeds, the status of each requirement or metric is compared to achievement criteria including cost and performance improvements. If criteria are not being met, corrective actions are taken to bring the work into compliance.  Communication of status and corrective actions is key to coordination and meeting customer expectations.