About Barron Associates

Barron Associates is a research and development company focused on providing clients with novel solutions to demanding aerospace and health care challenges. These solutions frequently employ intelligent and adaptive technologies to measure, model, predict and control complex systems, resulting in improved performance, safety and efficiency.

In adverse environmental conditions, such as trauma, equipment failure/loss or severe weather, it is crucial to analyze many variables accurately and make correct, appropriate and rapid decisions to achieve optimal safety and performance.

Barron Associates’ research and development assists humans by giving machines the “intelligence” to learn and adapt to ever-changing environments and to new and unforeseen conditions. When an expert is faced with an extreme condition, the individual often reacts using a combination of human intellect and subjective responses. Barron Associates endeavors to provide the expertise, tools and technologies to help eliminate the subjective response from the equation and replace it with quantifiable measurements, learned models, accurate predictions and automated control. In many cases, this assistance results in saving lives and equipment.