Barron Associates’ BALCAP Balance Monitor Clinical Study Begins

Barron Associates developed a novel balance prosthesis for individuals with balance disorders. The BALCAP prosthesis provides feedback to wearers via a substitute sensory channel regarding head orientation and motion.  Such sensing emulates natural vestibular function; the head-mounted BALCAP gyroscopes sense rotational motions, similar to the semicircular canals, and the accelerometers sense gravity and translational acceleration, […]

Journal Paper Published on SaeboVR Efficacy for Stroke Recovery

A paper titled “Virtual Activities of Daily Living for Recovery of Upper Extremity Motor Function,” by Barron Associates lead authors Dr. Richard Adams and Dr. Matt Lichter, has been published in the IEEE Transactions on Neural Systems and Rehabilitation Engineering (Volume: 26, Issue:1). The paper describes a study that was conducted to investigate the effectiveness […]

Barron Associates Awarded Grant to Study Falls in Hospitals

Fall detection, assessment, and prevention is a challenging issue across the care continuum. Despite wide recognition as a considerable problem, fall-related injuries are still the most frequently reported adverse events in hospital inpatient settings. Diverse factors contribute to falls, including patient factors (e.g., cognitive state, muscle weakness, medications), environmental factors (e.g., bed/toilet positioning, trip hazards), […]

Glove Rehabilitation Application for Stroke Patients (GRASP) Pilot Testing Underway

The GRASP system promotes recovery of hand function following stroke through an instrumented orthosis that enables functional practice of manual tasks in fun and engaging activities within a virtual environment. The effort combines patented sensor glove technology developed under the NASA space suit program with a commercial hand orthosis and modern game engine technology. Barron […]

Update on Barron Associates’ Kinect Projects

In response to  Microsoft’s recent decision to discontinue manufacturing of the Kinect sensor (announced on October 25, 2017), Barron Associates has identified an equivalent solution from an alternate vendor. This new solution provides an equivalent tracking capability to the Kinect’s. Additionally, to eliminate any short-term impact, the company has secured a significant number of Kinect […]

SaeboVR Earns CE Marking for Sales in Europe

Barron Associates, Inc. and Virtual Therapy Solutions, LLC are pleased to announce that the SaeboVR product has completed the requirements for CE Marking and is now available for sale in the European Community through Saebo UK in Great Britain. Saebo is currently offering free SaeboVR demos to qualified institutions in both the U.S. and Europe. […]

Barron Associates Joins Tech Tour Outreach Program for Charlottesville Students

Barron Associates participated in the 2017 Tech Tour for central Virginia students sponsored by the Charlottesville Business Innovation Council (CBIC). This annual event aims to ignite student interest in technology-related careers and to showcase the variety of tech career opportunities that are available in our community. More than 400 area students visited 70 technology-related companies […]

Spatial Link Analysis for Airborne Platforms

Under a Phase I Navy SBIR, Barron Associates, Inc., is developing the Spatial Link Analysis for Airborne Platforms (SLAAP) software tool, which will address the myriad facets of a complex electromagnetic modeling problem. This comprehensive RF propagation modeling tool will exploit three-dimensional antenna patterns, complete platform location and orientation specification, and high resolution terrain data […]

Barron Associates, Inc. awarded contract to develop advanced controls for spacecraft rendezvous

Barron Associates, Inc. has been awarded a Small Business Innovative Research Phase I contract to develop advanced controls for spacecraft rendezvous and proximity operations (RPO) and docking under a project titled, Hybrid Autonomy for Rendezvous and Proximity operations (HARP). The effort will develop computationally-efficient optimal solutions for autonomous spacecraft RPO, employing innovative methodologies including nonconvex […]

Pilot Testing Completed for Video Game-based Knee Therapy System

Barron Associates has developed the “Knee Biofeedback Rehabilitation Interface for Game-based Home Therapy (KneeBRIGHT)” system that combines electromyography (EMG) biofeedback with video game therapy to provide knee osteoarthritis (OA) patients with an engaging, effective tool for conducting rehabilitation exercises at home. KneeBRIGHT aims to motivate patients with knee OA to conduct regular muscle strengthening exercise […]

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