Partnering Programs

Barron Associates is focused on advanced R&D, but frequently the R&D results in new product ideas. In order to develop and market these specific product ideas without diluting Barron’s advanced R&D focus, Barron Associates pursues focused strategic partnerships and joint ventures. Through a partnering program, individuals or entities developing products for a specific market can take advantage of Barron’s expertise and utilize their advanced algorithms, software and hardware to develop and market new or improved products.

The Barron Associates team is committed to providing resources and materials over the areas of business development, marketing, sales, technical support, training and education. The team’s expertise ensures that its partners and their technologies, products and services continue to grow within the partnering program.

Together, Barron Associates and its partners will be more successful, resulting in strategic advantage and increased value to their company, their offerings and their clients. If you want to explore the benefits of the partnering program, please contact or call (434) 973-1215.  See our Clients page for a more extensive list of clients and collaborators.


The MathWorks

Barron Associates is pleased to partner with The MathWorks as a System Integrator in their Connections Program. The MathWorks is a leader in numerical modeling and simulation tools.

Barron Associates is a long-time user of The MathWorks products, including MATLAB®, Simulink®, Real-Time Workshop® and xPC Target, and has developed signficant in-house expertise in leveraging these tools to meet customers’ needs. As an early adopter of xPC Target and one of the leading users of the xPC TargetBox®, the team can help you realize real-time control and signal processing algorithms.