NeuroSPARKS Learning Games for Kids –

  • Powered by muscles

  • Developed through NIH research

About NeuroSPARKSstudent playing neurosparks learning game

NeuroSPARKS is a video game that uses a computer and a sensor that tracks muscle activity – called electromyography or EMG.


With the included EMG sensor, students can use arm movements to control video games that promote STEM learning:

  • Neurobots (Life Science)
  • Total Energy (Physical Science)

These games are aligned with Next Generation Science Standards for middle school, and introduce some neuroscience information. And they feature fun, interactive learning challenges!

NeuroSPARKS has been tested in Virginia middle schools. The games recently won the 2022 Back to School Tech and Learning Award for Excellence in the Primary Education category.


EMG sensor specifications:

  • Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity to game
  • USB-C charging port
  • Medical-grade silver chloride snaps attach to standard adhesive electrodes
  • Software integrated guides help kids correctly position the sensor placement over their muscle, and then complete calibration

Teacher Testimonials

I really enjoyed having this opportunity for my students. What a great chance for students to engage with the content.

NeuroSPARKS could help me to adapt content in a way that students enjoy learning. Students love to be on their devices and this could give them a clearly defined purpose to interact with content.

I think that doing the NeuroSPARKS game activities with my students is especially useful for review of content. Would make for an excellent option for students to review especially before an assessment.

Student Testimonials

I would like to play this game in my science class because we can learn from it and its fun at the same time.

I like the challenge with the muscle and the level of the science questions. And the robot is really cute!

It was SUPER FUN!!!!!!


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