Barron Associates Awarded Grant to Develop Noninvasive, Continuous Blood Pressure Monitoring System

High blood pressure is a substantial public health problem that affects 45% of adults (75% of individuals over age 65) and is a leading cause of excess cardiovascular morbidity and mortality. Static BP snapshots, which are typically obtained via sphygmomanometry during doctor’s office visits, have documented reliability issues, including “white-coat” hypertension and poor technique.

Barron Associates is developing the Blood Pressure Sage (BP-SAGE) system, a novel, reliable, easy-to-use, and comfortable (non-cuff-based) continuous BP monitor that can operate 24/7, even during activities of daily living (ADL) and sleep without disturbing or requiring any action from the wearer, and without imposing stringent measurement guidelines. This new class of BP monitor will be an important addition to clinical practice, accurately and unobtrusively assessing individuals with established or suspected hypertension without uncomfortable cuff inflations.