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Virtual Reality Game Therapy for Kids Clinical Trial Begins

The Motivating Occupational Virtual Experiences In Therapy for kids (MOVE-IT) SBIR program (National Institutes of Health grant R44HD092169) supports telehealth delivery of intensive rehabilitation for pediatric hemiplegia through smart toy-enabled games that inspire high-dosage, task-directed upper extremity (UE) movements. The Phase II clinical trial is a two-site study that includes leading researchers and practitioners. The […]

Report on Run-Time Assurance for eVTOL Aircraft available on NASA Tech Reports Server

A recently completed contractor report investigating the utility of run-time assurance (RTA) architectures for electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft has been posted on NTRS, the NASA Technical Reports Server. The report summarizes a collaborative effort led by researchers from Barron Associates to demonstrate and evaluate the application of RTA to assure the safety […]

Barron Associates Completes Multi-Site Randomized Control Trials of Video Game-based Vision Therapy System

The ICARE software system has been developed by Barron Associates, Inc. under sponsorship by the National Eye Institute as alternative intervention for addressing non-strabismic amblyopia and convergence insufficiency (CI) in children. It uses video games to create a fun and engaging vision therapy experience built on mini-games and a baby dragon quest. In January 2022, […]

Journal Paper Published on Satellite Optimal Maneuvers

Dr. Rick Adams and Dr. Michael Devore of Barron Associates, Inc. co-authored a paper titled “Finite-Thrust Natural-Motion Circumnavigation Injection by Convex Optimization” which has been published in the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) Journal of Guidance, Control, and Dynamics. The paper details a new methodology employing convex optimization to find a propellant-optimal finite-thrust […]

Barron Associates led pain assessment study proceeds to Phase II

Evaluation and treatment for chronic pain are major contributors to rising healthcare costs. Although accurate assessment of pain and function is the cornerstone to successful chronic pain management, systematic, objective assessment of the functional impact of pain remains exceptionally challenging in practice. Barron Associates is developing and validating the KnowPain instrument. KnowPain will objectively and […]

A Novel, Low-Cost Mobile Metabolic Measurement (M3) System

The Barron Associates Mobile Metabolic Measurement (M3) system is an indirect calorimetry system that measures minute ventilation (VE) (i.e., the volume of gas exhaled from the lungs per minute), carbon dioxide production (VCO2), and oxygen consumption (VO2), all measured in units of liters per minute using a subject-worn face mask. In an SBIR Phase I […]

Barron Associates completes Pilot Testing with Middle School Students for EMPATHIE Video Game

Barron Associates has developed EMPATHIE, an educational game that provides an immersive experience into life with a motor disability and promotes design thinking and problem-solving related to the associated mobility challenges. The system leverages technology developed previously by Barron Associates, namely its novel video game interface, which implements a wireless electromyography (EMG) sensor as a […]

PREEMPT Hospital Patient Monitor Begins Clinical Study

The negative consequences of immobility during hospitalization are numerous, profound, and well-documented, including pressure ulcer formation, longer lengths of stay, muscle weakness, increased risk of falls, loss of independence, and reduced quality of life.  Bed rest and inactivity accelerate the functional changes that are part of normal aging; the link between inactivity and adverse outcomes […]

Barron Associates Chronic Pain Assessment Clinical Feasibility Study Ends

Evaluation and treatment for chronic pain are major contributors to rising healthcare costs; however, systematic, objective assessment of the functional impact of pain remains exceptionally challenging. Barron Associates has developed the KnowPain wearable instrument to objectively and quantitatively assesses the functional impact of chronic pain (FIP) using measures derived from motion and physiologic data via […]

Barron Associates Initiates Validation Study for Remote Oxygen Adherence Monitor (ROAM) System

Barron Associates has developed the “Remote Oxygen Adherence Monitor” (ROAM) to reliably assess long term oxygen therapy (LTOT) adherence. LTOT is associated with significant reductions in hospitalizations and improved quality of life in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Despite the benefits of LTOT, adherence remains a challenge in the majority of patients. The […]