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Contract Awarded to Develop Accurate, Cost-Effective Translation System for Low Re- source Languages (ACE-Translation)

The team will develop methods to automate collection of training data, explore optimal structures for training datasets given constrained resources, implement machine translation systems for representative languages, develop novel quality assurance methods for the translation systems, and quantify performance of the systems using standard benchmarks.  The proposed approach builds on proven technologies for translation of […]

Barron Associates Receives NIH Phase II Award for Developing Remote Oxygen Adherence Monitor (ROAM) System

Barron Associates is developing the “Remote Oxygen Adherence Monitor” (ROAM) to reliably assess long term oxygen therapy (LTOT) adherence. LTOT is associated with significant reductions in hospitalizations and improved quality of life in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), but adherence remains a challenge in the majority of patients. The ROAM system uses innovative […]

Barron Associates Awarded SBIR Phase I by the Navy for Development of Artificial Intelligence for Shipboard Machinery Control Systems

Hull Mechanical & Electrical (HM&E) Machinery Control Systems (MCS) for U.S. Navy combatant craft are highly complex systems often with hundreds of actuators and thousands of sensors spread across dozens of shipboard subsystems.  As described in SBIR topic N231-028, Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning (AI/ML) applied to HM&E MCS offers the potential for improving robustness […]

Navy Phase I Awarded for “Automated Knowledge Base Extraction and Student Assessment”

Effective tools for evaluating the proficiency of warfighters at employing complex systems in an operational setting are essential to ensure operational capability within the Navy and other branches of the DoD. Generating exams with answer keys is a time-consuming process, made more difficult by the complexity of both the systems and the operational employment of […]

NASA Phase I Selected for Award: Low-SWaP and Low-Cost Autonomous Landing Area Confirmation Scan (AutoLACS) Tool

The air transportation system is on the verge of drastic change.  Companies are envisioning Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) operations, providing “air-taxi” and cargo services.  AAM and other future operations will require new approaches to address long-standing issues that have, to date, been handled by well-trained pilots.  Among the most important is the ability to autonomously […]

Barron Associates Awarded Grant to Develop Noninvasive, Continuous Blood Pressure Monitoring System

High blood pressure is a substantial public health problem that affects 45% of adults (75% of individuals over age 65) and is a leading cause of excess cardiovascular morbidity and mortality. Static BP snapshots, which are typically obtained via sphygmomanometry during doctor’s office visits, have documented reliability issues, including “white-coat” hypertension and poor technique. Barron […]

Barron Associates receives NIH Phase II Award to develop EMPATHIE Video Game for Middle School Students

Barron Associates is developing EMPATHIE, an educational game that provides an immersive experience into life with a motor disability and promotes design thinking and problem-solving related to the associated mobility challenges. The system leverages technology developed previously by Barron Associates, namely its novel video game interface, which implements a wireless electromyography (EMG) sensor as a […]

Barron Associates receives Phase II Award to Develop Graph Neural Networks (GNN) for Collaborative UxS Applications

Barron Associates received a Phase II Applied SBIR award to continue its work entitled, Graph-based Collaborative Autonomy for Intelligent Agents. The primary goal of the project is to develop decentralized swarm behaviors using GNN methods to enable heterogeneous swarms of autonomous agents to adaptively collaborate, communicate, and formulate control actions in contested areas with limited […]

Barron Associates receives Phase II Award to Continue Intelligent Wind Estimation Work

Barron Associates received a Phase II STTR award to continue its work entitled, Intelligent Wind Estimation for CBRN Agent Tracking and Localization. The primary goal of the project is to provide accurate wind estimates in urban and complex environments that can be used by CBRN source localization algorithms. Accurate wind estimates, along with other atmospheric […]

Phase I Option Awarded by the Navy for Development of a Psychometrically Validated Spatial Disorientation Skills Assessment Tool

Spatial Disorientation (SD) is a contributing factor in many fatal aircraft accidents, resulting in significant loss of life and equipment.  For example, an analysis of SD mishaps in the U.S. Air Force from 1993 to 2013 identified 72 SD mishaps at a cost of 101 lives, 65 aircraft, and 2.32 billion dollars.  Further, published statistics […]