Barron Associates Receives NIH Phase II Award for Developing Remote Oxygen Adherence Monitor (ROAM) System

Barron Associates is developing the “Remote Oxygen Adherence Monitor” (ROAM) to reliably assess long term oxygen therapy (LTOT) adherence. LTOT is associated with significant reductions in hospitalizations and improved quality of life in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), but adherence remains a challenge in the majority of patients. The ROAM system uses innovative sensors and classification algorithms to provide an accurate method for measuring patient LTOT usage. The system also includes motivational encouragement to promote improved adherence. In the Phase I work, Barron Associates conducted a feasibility study to assess the accuracy of the ROAM system at classifying oxygen usage with COPD patients. This study demonstrated very high classification accuracy under a range of conditions. The Phase II research effort will expand the system to function with additional oxygen concentrator models, develop a clinician dashboard for monitoring patients, and evaluate the efficacy of the device in the home setting during a clinical field trial.