Barron Associates receives Phase II Award to Continue Intelligent Wind Estimation Work

Barron Associates received a Phase II STTR award to continue its work entitled, Intelligent Wind Estimation for CBRN Agent Tracking and Localization. The primary goal of the project is to provide accurate wind estimates in urban and complex environments that can be used by CBRN source localization algorithms. Accurate wind estimates, along with other atmospheric measurements, increase the accuracy and efficiency of the source localization approaches. The work focused on wind estimation for small UAS multi-rotor vehicles and estimates three-dimensional winds based on the response of the vehicle to control and exogenous, e.g., wind, inputs while accounting for sources of uncertainty. The work advances current approaches to wind estimation that assume the vehicle operates at a hover or low-speed, steady flight. The Phase II work will focus on expanding the breadth and depth of the wind estimator, implementing wind estimation and source localization for multi-vehicle / swarm operations, and conducting flight experiments of the developed technology. Barron will work with transition partners to implement a software product on commercial UAS to offer a complete hardware / software solution.