Journal Paper Published on Glove Rehabilitation Application for Stroke Patients (GRASP) Fast-Track SBIR Phase I Results

The primary results of GRASP Phase I research have been published in the Occupational Therapy Journal of Research (OTJR). The paper, “Upper Extremity Function Assessment Using a Glove Orthosis and Virtual Reality System,” authored by Richard J. Adams (Barron Associates), Allison L. Ellington (Mary Baldwin University), Kate Armstead (UVA Encompass Health), Kristen Sheffield (UVA Encompass Health), James T. Patrie (UVA), and Paul T. Diamond (UVA) appears in a special OTJR issue on Robotics, AI, Automations and Relationship to Health and Occupational Therapy. The work, sponsored by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) through grant 1R44HD088189-01A1, is available online at