Journal Paper Published on SaeboVR Efficacy for Stroke Recovery

A paper titled “Virtual Activities of Daily Living for Recovery of Upper Extremity Motor Function,” by Barron Associates lead authors Dr. Richard Adams and Dr. Matt Lichter, has been published in the IEEE Transactions on Neural Systems and Rehabilitation Engineering (Volume: 26, Issue:1). The paper describes a study that was conducted to investigate the effectiveness of virtual activities of daily living (ADL) practice using the SaeboVR software system for recovery of upper extremity (UE) motor function following stroke. Results show a clinically important improvement and statistically significant difference in gold-standard measures in the study population of chronic stroke survivors over the eight-week interventional period compared to a non-interventional control period of equivalent duration. These results provide new evidence for use of virtual ADL practice as a tool for UE therapy for stroke patients. The paper is available for free online at: