SaeboVR Earns CE Marking for Sales in Europe

Barron Associates, Inc. and Virtual Therapy Solutions, LLC are pleased to announce that the SaeboVR product has completed the requirements for CE Marking and is now available for sale in the European Community through Saebo UK in Great Britain. Saebo is currently offering free SaeboVR demos to qualified institutions in both the U.S. and Europe. Product release in Australia is also expected soon.

The SaeboVR product was developed by Barron Associates, Inc. under a Phase II SBIR grant (2R44HD071745-02) from the NIH’s National Institute for Child Health and Human Development (NICHD) under the title “Virtual Occupational Therapy Application (VOTA).” The VOTA Phase II SBIR effort included system development, successful clinical trials, and completion of FDA clearance actions.

The SaeboVR software system, used with the Microsoft Kinect, is intended to be used to support repetitive task practice for rehabilitation of adults in a clinical or home setting consistent with Standard of Care for upper extremity (UE) rehabilitation. The system is based on simulated activities of daily living (ADLs) for the UE within a virtual world. VOTA uses a Microsoft Kinect Sensor to track patient shoulder and elbow movements, which are translated into equivalent movements of an avatar that represents the patient in a virtual environment.

For more information, go the SaeboVR website ( To purchase SaeboVR, contact Saebo, Inc. (,  888.284.5433).