Blink-based Communication System Presentation at ATIA Conference

Barron Associates presented a poster at the Assistive Technology Industry Association conference in January on the “Development and Testing of a Blink-based Communication (BLINC) System for People with ALS”.  The Blink-based Communication (BLINC) System is intended to support Persons with ALS (PALS) and others with severely impaired mobility and vocalization capabilities by providing a reliable means of summoning attention and communicating.  It is also intended to support caregivers by providing peace of mind that they will be able to respond promptly to the PALS when help is needed, even if the caregiver is in another room or asleep.  The system is intended to provide much greater robustness, especially with respect to varying poses and lighting conditions, than typical tablet-based Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) devices.  It supports patients who are in bed, and provides persistent communication capabilities at times AAC devices are not available.