STABLE postural assessment system enters clinical evaluation

Barron Associates and its clinical partner are developing a compact, portable, customizable computerized dynamic posturography (CDP) system that provides standardized tests to selectively manipulate and measure responses by the visual, vestibular, and somatosensory systems to assist in diagnosis of postural control.  The Sensory Test and Balance Limit Evaluation (STABLE) system expands these tests (currently performed only in the anterior-posterior plane) to multiple planes with a novel motorized motion platform.  The system includes fully programmable gains and filters, arbitrary motion profiles, an enhanced visual experience using a VR headset with custom-designed environment processing software, and acquisition of body joint angles from a depth camera system during tests.  The system was recently transported to Washington University and clinical evaluations will continue for the next six months, with the goal of establishing equivalence to an existing (larger, more expensive) system as well as demonstrating capabilities of the multi-axis motion.