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Flight Test of Upset Recovery System for SUAS

The initial flight tests of the RAIDER upset recovery system being developed under a NASA Phase II effort were conducted in October. The team flew the first of a planned fleet of 3 Ultrastick 120 research vehicles.  A high fidelity simulation for these vehicles was previously developed by NASA Langley and UMN, providing a rare […]

SoundTrak Sleep Study Field Trial Begins

Obstructive sleep-disordered breathing (OSDB) is common in both children and adults and is recognized as having substantial health-related consequences at all ages. Laboratory polysomnography (PSG) is the gold standard for diagnosing OSDB, but the procedure is not without problems. Polysomnographic studies are complex, invasive, expensive, not universally available, and require an overnight stay in a […]

Strength And BALance (SABAL) Virtual Trainer Prototype Begins Human Participant Testing at the University of Virginia (UVa)

The Strength And BALance (SABAL) Virtual Trainer provides virtual world gaming experiences to motivate users and track adherence to evidence-based exercises for older adults – promoting improved health outcomes and reduction of fall risk in older adults. SABAL activities support satisfaction of basic psychological needs by placing individuals in the role of a hero that […]

EverWrist Fall Detection Field Trial Completed

Thirty percent of adults 65 years and older fall each year, often suffering dangerous closed head injury and long bone fractures. Fall-related injuries are the number one reason for emergency room visits and the leading cause of injury-related deaths among elderly adults. Barron Associates’ EverWrist wrist-based fall detection system was recently evaluated both in the […]

Barron Associates’ Neuroscience Education Game Implemented at Local Middle School

Barron Associates has developed a novel video game for promoting neuroscience education, called “NeuroSPARKS.” The NeuroSPARKS game is controlled by a special armband that measures muscle activity in the arm, providing students with hands-on insight into neuroscience topics and technology. The goal of this project is to spark interest in STEM fields by presenting students […]

EverWrist Falls Detection for Prevention Study Begins

Falls and fall-related injuries in seniors are more common than strokes and can have equally serious consequences; they represent a significant health care problem with a substantial associated morbidity and reduction in overall mobility and function.  Barron Associates developed the EverWrist fall monitoring system that employs a novel, patent-protected paradigm to detect falls, and will […]

Virtual Occupational Therapy Application (VOTA) Major Release and Initiation of Clinical Trials

VOTA is virtual world-based software that enables a stroke patient to practice activities of daily living using only a computer and a Microsoft Kinect sensor. February 3, 2016 marked the first major release of the VOTA software and initiation of clinical trials with stroke patients at a rehabilitation hospital. At the time of this release, […]

Phase II Bayesian Estimation Network Elderly Fall Inference Tool (BENEFIT) Study Completed

The BENEFIT system is a computer-based fall risk assessment instrument for use by health and elder care providers. The BENEFIT instrument ensures that individuals at increased risk for falling are identified and provided with appropriate interventions to reduce fall occurrences. Bayesian belief networks are the key technology that enables faster and more accurate fall assessments; […]

Journal Paper Published on Flight Testing of an Adaptive Controller for Flying Qualities Specification and Protection

A paper entitled “Flight-Test Evaluation of an Adaptive Controller for Flying Qualities Specification and Protection,” co-authored by Barron Associates’ Dr. Nathan Richards and Dr. Richard Adams, was published in the Journal of Guidance, Control, and Dynamics December 2015 issue.  This article focuses on the in-flight ability of an adaptive receding horizon optimal controller to both […]

Invited Presentation on Virtual World Based Games for Stroke Rehabilitation to University of Virginia Systems and Information Engineering (SIE) Colloquium

On October 10, 2015, Dr. Rick Adams of Barron Associates, Inc. gave an invited presentation to the University of Virginia SIE Colloquium on the development of virtual world based games for upper extremity stroke rehabilitation. The talk included an overview of evidence-based stroke rehabilitation and neuroplasticity as it relates to development of Barron Associates’ Virtual Occupational […]