Flight Test of Upset Recovery System for SUAS

The initial flight tests of the RAIDER upset recovery system being developed under a NASA Phase II effort were conducted in October. The team flew the first of a planned fleet of 3 Ultrastick 120 research vehicles.  A high fidelity simulation for these vehicles was previously developed by NASA Langley and UMN, providing a rare […]

Patent Issued for System to Communicate via Facial Expressions

Barron Associates’ employees Alec Bateman and Michael DeVore were recently awarded Patent No. 9,465,981 for a system that allows people to communicate through a sequence of facial expressions. The initial application is a tool for ALS patients, who often suffer paralysis and lose the ability to speak, providing them with the ability to summon help […]

SoundTrak Sleep Study Field Trial Begins

Obstructive sleep-disordered breathing (OSDB) is common in both children and adults and is recognized as having substantial health-related consequences at all ages. Laboratory polysomnography (PSG) is the gold standard for diagnosing OSDB, but the procedure is not without problems. Polysomnographic studies are complex, invasive, expensive, not universally available, and require an overnight stay in a […]

Strength And BALance (SABAL) Virtual Trainer Prototype Begins Human Participant Testing at the University of Virginia (UVa)

The Strength And BALance (SABAL) Virtual Trainer provides virtual world gaming experiences to motivate users and track adherence to evidence-based exercises for older adults – promoting improved health outcomes and reduction of fall risk in older adults. SABAL activities support satisfaction of basic psychological needs by placing individuals in the role of a hero that […]

EverWrist Fall Detection Field Trial Completed

Thirty percent of adults 65 years and older fall each year, often suffering dangerous closed head injury and long bone fractures. Fall-related injuries are the number one reason for emergency room visits and the leading cause of injury-related deaths among elderly adults. Barron Associates’ EverWrist wrist-based fall detection system was recently evaluated both in the […]

Safe and Intelligent Surveying of Complex Environments with UAS Swarms

Barron Associates has been selected for award of an Air Force Phase I SBIR contract to develop the micro-Swarm Environmental Sensing (µSENS) technology to safely and efficiently gather high spatiotemporal resolution wind data to initialize diagnostic wind models. µSENS includes UAV platforms instrumented with meteorological sensors and swarm / path planning software to coordinate behaviors […]

Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Equipped for Air and Sea Locomotion

Barron Associates has been awarded a NAVY Phase I STTR contract to develop a hybrid unmanned vehicle capable of operating both in-air and underwater. The goal of the research is to design an autonomous vehicle that can cover much larger sections of the ocean in less time than a traditional Unmanned Underwater Vehicle. Barron’s vehicle […]

Agile Aerial Sensor System Tailored for In-Situ Cloud Measurements

 Barron Associates was awarded a NASA Phase I SBIR contract to develop a novel atmospheric sensing platform. The sensing apparatus, the WINGSONDE, is a compact, tube-deployed Small Unmanned Aerial System (sUAS) equipped with atmospheric sensors and designed to operate at high altitude for extended operational periods. The WINGSONDE sUAS can be carried and deployed directly […]

NASA SBIR Phase I Contract Awarded- “Runtime Assurance for Flight Test Research Aircraft”

In June, Barron Associates was awarded an SBIR Phase I contract entitled “Runtime Assurance for Flight Test Research Aircraft” from NASA Armstrong Flight Research Center.  This will be a follow-on targeted study related to BAI’s recently completed 3-year Air Force contract on runtime assurance framework development.  The effort will develop more formal approaches to constructing […]