Air Force Phase I SBIR awarded for subsurface landing gear inspection system

Barron Associates will develop a laser-based system to detect subsurface voids and defects in coated landing gear components.  The system builds upon technology that uses precise, repeated measurements of thermal conductance across 3-dimensional spatial energy paths within a test article.  By measuring changes in the transmission of thermal energy along multiple paths, defects of various […]

Barron Associates Awarded Fast-Track Grant to Develop Animal Monitoring Technology

Barron Associates is developing the Rodent Physiologic Analysis and Recording (RODAR) System. The RODAR system embodies a wireless, noninvasive data collection, visualization, and storage solution for monitoring animals’ physiological status, behavior, and environment. The RODAR system offers continuous or intermittent recording, synchronization, and real-time display of physiologic data and environmental data including. The system also […]

Barron Associates successfully completes NASA Glenn program

Barron Associates successfully completed a 5 year SBIR Phase III program funded by NASA Glenn Research Center. The program focused on developing runtime assurance (RTA) methods for turbofan engines with advanced control systems. In year 4 of the program, Mr. David Neal developed a new design approach that improved the performance of NASA’s engine protection […]

NASA Phase I Awarded “Turbulence Modeling and Risk-based Planning to Enable Safe Autonomous Operations”

Aircraft routinely encounter turbulence, and appropriate responses to this turbulence are critical to maintain safe aircraft operation within prescribed operating limits and to effectively accomplish missions.  Current airspace operations rely primarily on onboard human pilots to assess the severity of turbulence and respond appropriately.  The future air transportation system will have increasing levels of autonomy, […]

NASA Phase I Awarded “Tools to Enhance Airspace Safety by Minimizing and Mitigating RF Link Loss”

Radio frequency (RF) communications provide navigation and communication capabilities that are essential to safe operation of the current and future airspace systems.   Loss of C2 and navigation links is a significant hazard even for current generation systems, and future systems that will operate with a high level of automation and autonomy, often without a highly-skilled […]

Paper Published in the Journal of Pain Research

Barron Associates personnel were co-authors on “Development of a pictorial scale for assessing functional interference with chronic pain: the Pictorial Pain Interference Questionnaire,” a journal paper published in the Journal of Pain Research. The research involved creation and evaluation of a tool with minimum language dependence and literacy requirement to measure functional interference due to […]

NOAA Phase I Award for Tube-deployed UAV to be used in Storm Measurements

A Phase I contract has been awarded to Barron Associates for a low-cost, tube-deployed UAV that can be launched from a P-3 aircraft and transition to powered, wing-borne flight to take measurements near the ocean’s surface during tropical storms.  After the sensing operation, the UAVs are expended into the ocean. NOAA has previously executed tube-deployed […]

Automated Upset Recovery System for SUAS Successfully Demonstrated in Flight

Barron Associates has developed an Automated Upset Recovery System for Small Unmanned Air Systems (SUAS) and successfully demonstrated the system through a series of flight tests on multiple fixed-wing vehicles.  The flight tests showed reliable recoveries from a variety of unusual attitude and high angular rate flight conditions, and demonstrated that the system performs well […]

Barron Associates Awarded Phase II Grant to Develop Neuroscience Education Game

Barron Associates has developed a novel video game for promoting neuroscience education, called “NeuroSPARKS.” The NeuroSPARKS game is controlled by special sensors that measures muscle activity in the arm, providing students with hands-on insight into neuroscience topics and technology. Barron Associates successfully tested an early prototype of the NeuroSPARKS game and has now been awarded […]

Barron Associates Awarded NIH Phase II Grant to Develop Virtual Reality Games for Stroke Therapy

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development has awarded Barron Associates, Inc. a 2-year, $1.48M grant to develop and test a commercial system promoting recovery of hand function. The effort includes design of a commercial sensor system that works in conjunction with a glove orthosis […]