Modeling and Simulation

Barron Associates’ AUSPEX Matlab toolkit is designed for modeling data, calibrating data, and updating simulations. Current applications include propulsion system modeling and updating aerodynamic databases using wind tunnel and flight test data for fixed and rotary wing vehicles.

Barron Associates’ AUSPEX modelling software suite can be used to find the best feedforward model that transforms observable variables into one or more estimated dependent variables. AUSPEX postulates a “just-sufficiently” complex model based on statistical criteria. AUSPEX determines the optimal trade-off between model complexity and model accuracy when determining the structure of the model. A proper balance ensures the best performance on unseen data by neither underfitting nor overfitting the data. Once the model structure is determined the coefficients are found with advanced estimation techniques. Simulation updates are then blended into the original simulation framework. Barron Associates has demonstrated the efficacy of the AUSPEX in a number of fields.