Video Game Therapy for Substance Cessation and Recovery

The Video Game Therapy for Substance Cessation and Recovery (VICTORY) system is a game-based smoking cessation aid based on cue-reactivity treatment. The game, which focuses on the reduction of nicotine dependence in cigarette smokers, uses a virtual reality environment that is created using the Kinect motion controller and the Microsoft Xbox360 gaming console. During game play, users destroy virtual representations of cigarettes and cigarette smoking paraphernalia while completing basic daily living tasks in a role-playing environment. The cue-reactivity approach has been shown to reduce smoking urges in both corporeal and virtual environments.



The VICTORY system targets the motivational factors behind behavior modification, specifically, fulfillment of the basic psychological needs of Competence, Autonomy, and Relatedness. The satisfaction of these needs is necessary for behavior modification for healthier living, and is also a key factor in how video games continue to keep players motivated. Therefore, it is logical to design a video game therapy system around this proven model in order to effect self-motivated lifestyle changes in an individual, such as the decision to quit smoking.