Validation of a Wireless, Multimode Artificial Neural Network-Based Physical Activity Monitor

Accurate measurement of physical activity in children and adults is a challenging problem that is important to epidemiologists, exercise scientists, clinicians, and behavioral researchers. Although there are a number of indirect and direct methods to assess physical activity and energy expenditure, all current methods have serious, well-documented shortcomings for use with free-living individuals. Recent research has shown that the most practical, objective method for measuring physical activity in free-living individuals is the use of portable activity monitors that are based on the combined monitoring of heart rate and accelerometry.

Barron Associates has developed the novel Heartwing for estimating energy expenditure using both heart rate and triaxial accelerometry. The Heartwing is designed to be small, lightweight, and unobtrusive, and includes wireless transmission capabilities. This product represents an important step in the advancement of effective, accurate measurement of physical activity.




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