Control System Design

Advanced control system development is a core competency at Barron Associates.  The staff of Barron Associates brings decades of experience in all aspects of control theory and control system implementation.  Pioneering neural network-based adaptive control in the 1980s, the company now boasts expertise in:

  • Adaptive nonlinear control systems
  • Robust control systems
  • Optimal control systems
  • Fault tolerant control systems
  • Autonomous path planning and obstacle avoidance (Guidance, Navigation, Control – GNC)
  • Control system Verification and Validation (V&V)
Automated Aircraft Upset Recovery Design for NASA

Automated Aircraft Upset Recovery Design for NASA

Typical applications include:

  • Launch vehicle guidance and control
  • Aircraft automated upset recovery
  • Active flow control systems
  • UAV / drone autonomous control systems
  • Sense and avoid (SAA) / UAVs operating in the national airspace
  • Haptic feedback pilot-in-the-loop control systems
  • Satellite control and danger avoidance
  • Underwater vehicle control
  • Launch and recovery of UAVs and USVs