Prototype Device & Application Development

heartwing-1Barron Associates has a long history of prototype device and system development, including hardware, real-time embedded software, desktop, mobile, and web applications.  Barron Associates, based on a long history of success using MathWorks® products to efficiently implement and deploy sophisticated control and signal processing algorithms, participates in MathWorks Systems Integrator program.  In addition to using MathWorks rapid prototyping toolset, Barron Associates offers mechanical prototyping services including component and mechanism design, structural and packaging optimization, and manufacturing analysis.  In-house capabilities include Solidworks® 3D design software, finite-element analysis tools, and fabrication capabilities using computer-aided CNC milling machines and conventional machine tools.  The team is skilled in the integration of electrical and mechanical components and possesses a variety of design tools for analog and digital circuits and printed circuit board (PCB) layout, as well as hardware and software for complex closed-loop motion control systems.  Barron Associates also regularly works with highly-reputable subcontractors to outsource manufacturing work as needed to meet system requirements.

Figure 2: Barron Associates' Patented Surface Scanning System (U.S. Patent 8,593,644)

Figure 2: Barron Associates’ Patented Surface Scanning System (U.S. Patent 8,593,644)

Development capabilities include:

  • Windows software development (.NET / WPF)
  • Real-time embedded software design
  • MathWorks® Rapid Prototyping system development
  • Mechanical and electromechanical design
  • Prototype / Small Batch manufacturing
  • Robotics and motion control system prototype development
  • Desktop, web, and mobile applications

Typical applications include:

  • Biomedical devices (activity monitors, wireless EMG, etc.)
  • Haptic feedback systems
  • Aircraft autopilot software and integrated simulation development
  • Active flow control systems
  • Diagnostic and prognostic systems for aircraft, diesel engines, and other applications
  • Automated surface scanning and measurement systems

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