Video Game Therapy

Barron Associates is a pioneer in the emerging field of Video Game Therapy. Interest in this field has been spurred by the availability of low-cost gaming systems with motion-tracking capabilities, such as the Nintendo Wii and the Microsoft Kinect. Video games have enormous potential for increasing patient engagement during rehabilitation, encouraging adherence to treatment regimens, and providing patients with convenient tools for conducting therapy in their own home. Barron Associates’ game development goes beyond off-the-shelf games by generating game elements that are targeted to the specific therapeutic goal.

Game development for therapy applications requires consideration of clinical needs both of the patient and the healthcare provider. Our game development efforts are tailored to optimize patient engagement and adherence through the inclusion of elements of fun, competition, and social interaction. Additionally, Barron Associates’ video games integrate tracking of relevant clinical metrics to offer healthcare providers with a convenient means to assess patient performance over time. A critical goal in the creation of these games is to allow individuals in remote or underserved areas to gain access to the benefits of structured and socially interactive therapy programs.

Barron Associates is developing games targeting several applications, including:

  • physical rehabilitation for stroke patients
  • biofeedback exercise for knee osteoarthritis patients
  • home-based vision therapy for children with amblyopia and convergence disorders
  • a smoking cessation aid based on cue-reactivity treatment


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