Signal/Data Processing & Analysis

The problems of signal and image processing are ubiquitous in the engineering, science, and healthcare fields.  This is a genre of problem at the core of Barron Associates’ capabilities since its founding in 1984.  As a pioneer in neural networks and, in particular, neural network-based adaptive control, Barron Associates has a vast library of tools and decades of experience in the challenging problems of signal and image processing.

Figure 1: Surface Feature Extracted from Noisy Measurement Data

Figure 1: Surface Feature Extracted from Noisy Measurement Data

Barron Associates’ core competencies are reflected in its GNOSIS  and APIMS software tools; however, Barron Associates has many more in-house software libraries for application to challenging customer problems.  A partial list of Barron Associates competencies and techniques includes:

  • Physics-based dynamic system model development
  • Neural Networks for estimation and classification
  • Stochastic modeling and uncertainty quantification/representation
  • Unscented Kalman filters and particle filters
  • Maximum likelihood estimation
  • Nonlinear system identification

Typical applications include:

  • Pattern recognition and classification
  • Automatic target identification and tracking
  • Statistical change detection
  • Data mining
  • Fault diagnosis and condition based maintenance
  • Data smoothing and reconstruction

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